National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code Workshop. Design, Installation, Testing & Maintenance Requirements of Fire Alarm Systems NFPA 72-2013

March 2 - 4, 2015. at Park Inn Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Workshop Description:

This is a review of the requirements for proper design, installation, testing and maintenance of fire alarm systems. It provides an in-depth review of the requirements of NFPA 72-2013, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code, and the fire alarm wiring requirements of NFPA 70-2011, National Electrical Code. The attendee should have at least 2 years of field experience to receive the maximum benefit of this course.

This course is a fundamental review of the requirements for fire alarm systems testing and inspection; including how to perform the tests properly; and how to conduct visual inspections in order to satisfy the requirements of the International Fire Code and NFPA 72-2013. This seminar is intended for building and fire inspectors witnessing acceptance and reacceptance testing; installers performing acceptance or reacceptance tests of new fire alarm systems; service technicians performing periodic testing and inspection of existing fire alarm systems; and personnel representing the owner, whom is ultimately responsible for the testing and inspection of fire alarm systems within their facilities.

Attendees to provide their own copy of NFPA 70-2011 and NFPA 72-2013

Mr. Larry Rietz is a NICET Level IV certified Fire Alarm designer with over experience. After working for almost 14 years with a large Fire Alarm manufacturer and service provider, he is now Director of the Denver Office experienced specialty engineering consulting firm. Association (AFAA) Board of Directors

Previous Courses Taught:

NFPA 72 - Brief Overview (2007, 2010, 20).    NFPA 72 - Detailed Review (2010, 2013 editions).    NFPA 72 - New Edition Changes (2007, 2010, 2013 editions).    Fire Alarm Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance.    Anatomy of a Large-Scale Emergency Communication System.    Analysis of Existing Emergency Communication Systems.   


20 years of life safety industry for Jensen Hughes Inc., the world's largest and most neering Larry currently serves on the Automatic Fire Alarm and is a principal on the NFPA 1616 Technical Committee 2013 editions) (NFPA 72 Chapter 14, 2010/2013) , Committee.


Contact Information :
P: 013-872-8617


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TESTIMONIAL by SFPE-SAC courses attendees

  • " I can review design packages now more effectively with all the useful information that I have learned in this technical workshop."

  • " In depth project design reviews based on additional information and layout logics learnt. "

  • "Workshop has added values and comprehensive understanding of system. We have gained a log of NFPA standards which is mandated on design package review."

  • " After attending the course, all future sprinkler designs will be reviewed in details. "

  • " I will use all information learned in the training and apply all my knowledge in my future projects. "

  • " Please organize more workshop. Please notify us. We need more workshop of same nature. "

  • " The instructor has a professional way to deliver the information. "

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